Nazca Lines – 30/9/2018

After an evening flight from Lake Titicaca yesterday and arriving at our hotel at midnight it was a bit of a killer to be up and ready for pick up at 5.45, but we did it.  We were taken to the bus station where we made the 3 hours and 45 minute journey on a double decker tourist bus to Paracas.  It was the most luxurious bus I have ever been on, heaps of leg room with foot stools, reclining seats and food service.

P1060979 (800x676)

A driver met us at the bus station and took us to the new Pisco airport where we were checked in for our flight.  We were weighed with our bags and shoes on.  There is a limit of 100 kg per person or 200 kg for a couple, whew we made that.  Then we waited to go through security and the waiting lounge.  The waiting lounge seats hundreds but was empty except for the twelve of us ready for our flight.

Finally it was time and I’ll admit I was very excited.  I had read that its advisable to take motion sickness tablets and I’ll admit I took one of the ones from the boat, but I had read gravol is what they recommend, so I doubled up and took one of those too.  We walked out on the tarmac and met the co-pilot and climbed aboard our Cessna Grand Caravan, its amazing how small it is inside.  We were the second couple to check in so we were right up the front, so close you could see the control panels of the plane.  We put our seat belts on, while the pilot and co-pilot did their pre-flight checks and then it was time to go.

P1060984 (800x464)

It was exhilarating experience as the plane went down the runway and you could see through the front window as we took off.  It was so amazing looking down as we flew over green areas and then over the desert landscape below.  Our flight to the Nazca lines took a little under 30 minutes.

Prior to boarding the plane we were all give a map of the different Nazca Lines with a dotted line marking the path the plane would take. 

Nazca Map

Before we even reached the first official Nazca lines we past over various trapezoids and lines that weren’t even marked on our map.  

P1070064 (800x549)

I love this photo of the shadow of our plane.

We finally approached the Nazca lines, the pilot would point out each one, fly over it and tilt the plane so one side could see and then tilt the other way for the other side to see.  It was very cool.  A few people felt a bit queasy.   While I photographed most of the lines, I did miss a few.

P1070086 (800x759)
The Monkey (Mono)
The Dog (Perro)
P1070048 (800x551)
The Whale (Ballena)
P1070104 (800x620)
The Hummingbird (Colibri)
P1070121 (800x767)
The Condor
P1070137 (800x512)
The Spider (Arana)
P1070165 (800x417)
The Tree (Arbol) and Hands (Manos)

We were picked up from the airport and transferred back to Paracas for a seafood lunch and a pisco sour… mmm delicious.

P1070216 (800x670)

This was my first time in such a small plane and I enjoyed every moment of it, one of the best things I have ever done. I would highly recommend this trip if you find yourself in this area.

Tour Information

We did our trip with Nazca Flights, which included a hotel transfer to and from the bus station, return bus trip, transfer to and from the airport and to and from lunch at Parracas.  For more details about the trip see the link here:

The company offers various package deals, flights over the Nazca Lines from either Pisco, Ica or Nazca.  The prices vary according to where you do your flight from and whether you do a package deal.  I felt that the company was excellent and the whole day ran smoothly.


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