Castillo de Coca (Coca Castle) – 15/12/2018

We have gotten to the stage of ABC, (Another Bloody Castle) so just Andrew and I went out this afternoon to look at Coca Castle. The castle was actually really good.  Unlike other castles which are built of stone, this one is built of bricks and there are definitely a few cracks appearing within the walls.

P1080568 (800x587)

Coca Castle is located fairly close to Olmedo, where we have been staying for the past week or between Avila and Valladolid.  The turreted castle was constructed by Archbishop Alonso de Fonseca I, in the 15th century and is made of plaster and red brick and surrounded by a deep moat.  The castle is quite a unique hybrid design, that it incorporates both Moorish Muslim design and Gothic architecture.

P1080600 (800x533)

Although the castle looks like an impregnable fortress, it was actually intended to be a place for the notoriously pleasure-loving archbishop to hold riotous parties. Today the castle keep is occupied by the forestry school.

It is actually free to walk around the castle walls and there is a small charge if you want to explore the castle keep.  The castle was extraordinary in that the moat consisted of high, brick walls that surrounded the entire castle.  Another interesting feature was the arrow slit holes, unlike English castles which tend to be just straight slits, the ones at Coca Castle consisted of a cross and ball shape.

P1080578 (552x800)P1080579 (520x800)P1080572 (559x800)

Entrance to the castle keep is through a large wooden door and then through the last line of defense, the portcullis, a latticed metal grille, which would have been lowered by either chains or ropes to keep invaders out. We chose not to visit the castle keep today.

P1080595 (513x800)

We ended our trip of Coca Castle by wandering the external walls and admiring the castle and moat.

Tourist Information for Coca Castle

Opening Hours:

  • 30 am – 1 pm/4..30 pm – 6 pm
  • Closed 1st Tuesday of each month │January, 25th December


  • Adults: €2.70 │ Children 7 to 14 years: €2 │ Children under 7: free │ Retired people/pensioners: €2


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