Castelo de Montemor-o-Nova – 19/12/2018

The Castle de Montemor-o-Nova is a complex of towers and walls, most of which are in ruins.  Would I recommend visiting this site? probably not unless you have run out of things to do.  It has beautiful surroundings and is probably a photographers dream, but it does require a lot of imagination to see how it may have existed.

P1080853 (575x800)

There is a small section of walls, near the Torre do Relogio or clock tower, that you can walk along and admire the views of the town below. The clock tower is closed and you can’t access it, unlike the many pigeons who have set up nests there.

P1080851 (493x800)

P1080876 (533x800)

A short walk from the main gate and clock tower is a series of towers that overlook the countryside below.  There is also a small section of walls that you can walk on as well.

If you are looking for something to do while staying in the Evora area, Montemor-o-Nova could easily fill an hour in a serene setting.

Tourist Information for Montemor-o-Nova Castle

Opening Hours: Open during daylight hrs

Price: free

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