Zahara de la Sierra – 6/1/2019

So many pueblo blanco villages and only three days to see them in.  We have picked just a few villages to see and today we headed off just before lunch to explore Zahara de la Sierra.

p1100291 (800x568)
  • Zahara de la Sierra is located in the heart of the Natural Park of the Sierra de Grazalema, at the foothills of the Sierra del Jaral and on the shore of the Zahara-El Gastor Reservoir.  This little village of approximately 1 400 residents is part of the Route of the White Villages. The towns livelihood is based on agriculture, rural tourism and adventure.  For those interested in adventure it offers; hiking, climbing, spelunking, kayaking, biking, horse riding or 4 x 4.
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The town is believed to date back to the Ancient times, however it became important during the Middle Ages as an essential Muslim settlement.  The village was conquered by the Christians during the process of reconquistion of the Kingdom of Grenada.  It is now part of the tourist trail of white pueblo villages.

There is limited car parking in the town and we were fortunate to find one at the top of the town, with a beautiful view overlooking the reservoir.

p1100321 (800x535)

It had been my plan to walk up to the ruined castle, unfortunately nobody else was keen and then we found a little restaurant on our way to the town square with a great view, so we stopped for our three course lunch including drinks instead. 

p1100308 (800x521) The wine was just for the photos, the glasses of coke and 7up was their drinks

We did have a wander around the beautiful town after lunch before continuing on our journey to Grazalema.

p1100304 (800x728)
p1100313 (800x644)


Grazalema, like Zahara de la Sierra, is also located in the Sierra de Grazalema Nature Park and also on the route of the White Villages.  Grazalema has the highest annual rainfall in Spain and behind the village is the Big Rock, where the Guadalete River originates.

Unfortunately our parking luck ran out and we were unable to find a park in the town.  We did however stop at a viewpoint, where we were able to get a photo, despite facing directly into the sun.

p1100333 (800x533)

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