Dades Gorge – 19/1/2019

We headed up to Dades Gorge, passing beautiful kasbahs on the way, one particular derelict kasbah, I had tried to photograph from the opposite side yesterday, but the light was all wrong, however it looked spectacular this morning.

p1110395 (800x533)

The gorge drive really begins where the Dades River runs between the two canyon walls and from there you drive up a series of hairpin turns through a 5 km drive to reach the small village of Aït Hammou. 

p1110401 (533x800)

p1110397 (800x533)

The drive is not only astoundingly beautiful through the gorge, but looking at the gorges water and wind eroded sides certainly makes you marvel at nature’s allure. That being said, driving is not easy with the narrow roads, tight turns and only a few guard rails stopping you from plummeting to a certain death.


Unfortunately what goes up must come down and so after reaching Msemrir you have to turn around and follow the same route down.  After marveling at the rock formations on the way up, I admired the little villages set throughout the gorge on the way down.

p1110419 (800x533)


p1110420 (800x533)

As you reach the bottom again, you meet the Dades River and the two canyon sides which it flows through.

p1110431 (533x800)


I would highly recommend a trip to Dades Gorge, but keep in mind the time that google maps says, is severely underestimated, I think it took us about 45 minutes from the river at the bottom to reach Msemrir at the top.  We were there in January and you do need to watch the weather, snow is forecast for tomorrow and that would make driving pretty hazardous.  

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