Horse and Carriage Tour Marrakesh – 24/1/2019

Happy Birthday Andrew! 

After a late start, we had a couple of hours to kill before our flight back to Madrid, so we decided to take the Horse and Carriage ride around Marrakesh.

p1110764 (800x494)

The horses and carriages can be found throughout Marrakesh, the one we went on was near the palace.  The price for the rides is negotiable and depends on how long you want to go for.  We opted for a half hour ride, so we would have enough time for lunch before our flight.

Our driver didn’t speak any English, but pointed out all of the 5 star hotels as we passed them by.  Although very touristy, it was actually quite relaxing and a nice way to see the city walls and gates, the locals going about their day to day routines and a few of the sights.

Poor Andrew, not only did he have to fly on his birthday. firstly to Madrid and then on to Quito, but he also had Burger King for dinner.

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