Estuary Trip

After anchoring in the Estuary following our arriving in El Salvador, we were invited on an Estuary trip organised by Bill and Jean for the cruisers in celebration of Tequila day.  We decided to go, though Max and Ava opted to stay on the boat. A panga collected us and all other cruisers before we continued up the estuary.  We passed restaurants on stilts, open for lunch only as there is no electricity, fishermen working, people collecting clams in the mangroves, kids playing in the water and of course mangroves.

P1120051 (800x516)

Some of the local kids in one of the fishing village.  Most will get an education until 4th grade.


No its not really Mcdonalds.  Fishing villages spot the sides of the estuary.

After stopping and listening to the clams make their popping noises we continued to one of the local stilted restaurants.  The menu choice was two items, clams cervice style as an entree followed by either locally caught fish or shrimps.  If you chose fish then you got to choose which one you wanted.  Andrew enjoyed the clams, I’m not a fan of them, but the shrimps were delicious.  As there is no electricity or gas it is all cooked over a wood fire.

P1120068 (800x533)

Pick the fish you want.


Some of the stilt restaurants

It was an enjoyable afternoon relaxing with a cool breeze and chatting to other cruisers and learning a little about El Salvador from Bill and Jean.

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