Playas Del Coco

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”

It had not been our intention to stop in Costa Rica, but then we decided to make an overnight stop to celebrate Max’s birthday.  After checking the weather we discovered that we would have to wait in Costa Rica as the Pang…. Winds were too strong.  So we anchored in Playas del Coco and decided we had better actually check in to the country as we had checked out of Panama some time ago and we would be here for a few more days.

20190312_171220 (800x405)

The check in procedure was arduous.  We visited the port captain and filled in the forms and was then sent to immigration.  After an hour wait at immigration for someone to turn up and then we had to go back with the forms to immigration.  The easy part was over.  Andrew took the kids back to the boat and then we did a 45 minute bus ride to the highway near the airport and from there it was about 1.5 km walk to reach the airport.  The customs officials were too busy as by this stage it was lunch time and all of the planes from the States had arrived.  We waited about another 1 ½ before customs could help us.  After a walk back to the bus stop, having just missed the bus and that meant another half hour wait we finally got a seat and ended up back in town.  By this stage it was 4 pm and we were starving a quick subway lunch and we went back to the boat.  The whole process took us about 8 hours, Andrew thinks it was probably the longest check in that we have done before.  The best part we get to do it all over again to check in.  Thankfully the check out procedure was much quicker and only took 4 ½ hours.  

The 6 days we spent in Costa Rica were pretty uneventful and apart from exploring the town of Playas del Coco we didn’t really do or see anything.  The whole surrounding bay was so dry and all the trees look dead, but apparently when the wet season arrives it will all be lush and green again.

20190312_171244 (800x583)

We did have awesome pina coladas on our final night to use up the rest of our Costa Rica money.

20190312_164444 (763x800)

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