Andrew discovered the pupusa stand our first morning in El Salvador and it quickly became his breakfast spot. 

20190318_082210 (800x600)

When ‘Love and Luck’ arrived Andrew took them their too and it quickly became the morning routine.  The mother/daughter team introduced Andrew to pupusas stuffed with the loroco flower as well as the ordinary meat, cheese and bean ones.  She eagerly got everyone to try different local drinks too.  I don’t think there was a morning when we weren’t greeted with a bright smile.

P1120447 (800x588)

Our last morning when everyone went for breakfast, Mark off Love and Luck asked if he could have a go at making a pupusa.  This resulted in a lot of laughter as we all watched on.

First step is to flatten out your fall of rice flour dough.

Next was the stuffing, meat, cheese and beans, followed by closing it up and re-flattening it a little.

P1120462 (800x639)

Finally the cooking

Our final morning’s entertainment was a cowboy strumming his guitar. Throughout the breakfast there are always cars or pickup trucks with a loudspeaker advertising what fruit or vegetables they are selling and cyclists with large baskets on the front carrying around dough or bread for sale.

P1120468 (800x481)

Everyone enjoying their breakfast

P1120471 (800x483)

The lovely ladies with the crew of Love and Luck and Utopia

Everyone has enjoyed the morning ritual of pupusas for breakfast and seeing these lovely ladies, hopefully Mexico will have something similar

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