Agua Azul Cascades (Blue Waterfalls) – 3/5/2019

Background Information on the Waterfall

You may be wondering what is so special about Agua Azul waterfall and why we bothered stopping.  The waterfall is special because of the water’s colour, indigo blue and the lush, green vegetation surrounding it makes it even more picturesque. As the Agua Azul River descends down the limestone bed steps it forms waterfalls which fall into natural pools below them and are otherwise known as ‘gours.’  The lower natural pools are where both locals and tourists congregate to swim.  The water’s colour is created from the dissolved carbonate salts and the rocky limestone beds of the river.  That being said, during the wet season the beautiful blue colour changes to a chocolaty brown, lucky we were there in the dry season.

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Our Visit

On our drive from San Cristobal to Palenque we made a stop at the Agua Azul Cascades with our friends, ‘Love and Luck’ and their Portuguese water dog, Willie.  We no sooner arrived at the cascades when Willie and Mark went for a quick swim, before catching up to the rest of us, who slowly meandered uphill to look out at the waterfalls from the differing miradors.


It was hot, so we only visited a couple of the miradors.  Surprisingly there are a lot of food and souvenir vendor stalls as you walk up the river. We did stop and get some empanadas for a snack, before finding a picnic table to eat among the crowds of mainly locals.  After our snack we all went for a swim.  I have to say the water was cold and it took me a long time to get in, Andrew decided it was too cold for a swim.  Willie had a great time swimming in the water pool, but he looked a little weary by the time we got back to the car.


Tourist Information for Agua Azul Cascades

If you are driving to the Agua Azul Cascades, beware that as you get closer to the cascades you may find that some of the local kids hold either rope, knotted grass or even a daisy chain with the purpose of stopping tourists and either selling fruits to them or demanding money.  The day we visited we were stopped by kids a couple of times with a daisy chain and string, we did not buy anything and continued on our way, but we looked in the rear view mirror and saw one child throwing rocks at a car behind us. 

Cost: 40 pesos per person for the entrance to the falls, but if you are driving you will also have to pay to park your car.  The cost for us was 20 pesos. 

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