Puerto los Gatos – 9/6/2019

We had an early morning start or at least by our standards, leaving at 8 am.  We continued to Puerto los Gatos arriving at lunchtime.  Puerto los Gatos is well known due to its smooth rocky formation that rise from the water in variegated shades of pinks and red.


I didn’t go in to shore until later in the afternoon as it was too hot.  So when Andrew returned from spearfishing I went to explore.  On one end of the bay along the pebbly shore are more vertical rock formations.  In fact the rock was rather brittle flaking off a bit like shale.

On the left the view of the bay from the southern end.  On the right the flaky rocks, some with peculiar rocky growths, also on the southern end of the bay.

Now the other end of the bay, I think has the really beautiful rock formations.  The rocks look a bit like ice-cream or marshmallows that have slowly melted. 

P1130718You can climb on the rocks and see the spectacular range of pinks and admire the view over the bay.  If you look closely in the crevices you may find a skeleton of a bird or sea creature, but hopefully not a rattlesnake or scorpion.  The sand surrounding the rocks was filled with tracks or varying sizes and shapes, I don’t want to imagine what creepy crawlies you would find.  In fact, we spoke to somebody camping who said in the evening the beach comes alive with hermit crabs, everywhere.


We didn’t explore too far, but there are many other little bays which Jamie explored finding a midden and a geode among the strata layers of rock.  I think this has been the most beautiful anchorage so far.  A few more pics to show its beauty.


Early morning view as we were getting ready to leave the anchorage.


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