San Cosme – 11/6/2019

Another early morning stop leaving the anchorage at 7.45 am headed for the hot springs of San Cosme.  The boys anchored, while I admired another beautiful backdrop.


A beautiful backdrop with Totem in the foreground.

Another beautiful view.  On the right is Siobhan french braiding Mairen’s hair while dinghying to shore, not an easy task.

We used the cruiser’s guidebook’s description to find the area where the hot springs were located, which Behan found first.  The water is definitely warm and on a warm day like it was the nearby cool waters out of the springs was a welcome relief.

The springs has 5 or 6 little jet streams of bubbles coming from the rocky floor and rising to the surface.  Interestingly the jet bubbles start and a few minutes later stop and it is then that you will notice another jet start up somewhere else.


Its an interesting stop for about 45 minutes.  The kids wandered over the rocks looking for interesting things.  The anchorage is a fair weather anchorage and with the weather prediction forecasting increased wind we pulled up anchor and continued on to Bahia Candeleros.


Bahia Candeleros offers something very important, internet.  After a week the kids needed to catch up with some school work and we needed to check in with Josh and Tristan in Australia to make sure they were okay.  It looks like a couple of intensive school work days ahead for Max and Ava, as the end of term and assessments close in.


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