Ava’s 14th Birthday – 2/11/2019

Written by Ava

My birthday is on the 2nd of November, and this year I spent my 14th birthday in Puerta Penasco in the boatyard with my friends Totem and Love and Luck.

I started the day with breakfast underneath the boat with the kids. Max made French toast with jam and cream cheese stuffed inside, Love and Luck made pancakes and Totem made bacon.

I made a rule that everyone had to wear at least one thing that was red. Many people in the hardstand had asked us why we were wearing red which made us laugh.

We all then went and found the kittens of the hardstand, Dulce and Pedro, or their English names, Candy and Pete. We spent some time with them before everyone retreated back to their boats to prepare for a BBQ lunch.

Everyone from Love and Luck, Totem and Utopia gathered for a BBQ with sausages!

P1150183 (800x600)
P1150184 (800x600)

I was lucky enough to be gifted with presents and cards from my friends. A lovely red headband, knitted by Sally, bracelets from Fenton and Lucy and a beautiful collage of photos from all of Love and Luck as well as a plastic turtle necklace and a guitar strap from Mairen and Siobhan. I have to admit I cried while I was reading my cards and my birthday mix was playing.

P1150188 (800x600)

After lunch and cake, I played the guitar with Siobhan and Heidi, who practised their ukuleles instead. After a while we had to go back to our boats to get ready for the Day of the Dead.

Some people from the hard were kind enough to let us ride in the cattle truck where we were transported to the area where the event was being celebrated. There were food stands everywhere and ofrendas as well. A few hours in I got my face painted like the Catrinas, along with Sally, Heidi, Max and Siobhan. It was all super cool! Although, one of the best parts was seeing the Catrina competition where locals were dressed up like the dead and judges would rate their costume. We even got to take pictures with the woman in costume, they were all really realistic.

The end of a wonderful day was concluded with a slice of cake and a few episodes of Once Upon a Time with my mother.

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