Punta Pulpito – June

After a couple of days spent in Loreto topping up on fresh fruit and vegetables, we headed north to Punta Pulpito, with Love and Luck. 

After a relaxing night, we headed to shore for an early morning hike.  Unlike last time we visited, it was low tide which added to the difficulty of finding a landing spot while not puncturing the dinghy.  Love and luck towed their kayak and transported everyone to shore before anchoring their dinghy and rowing in. 

After a gentle climb up the sand dune, we reached the trail.  The initial part of the trail and surrounding sand is scattered with obsidian shards, Tristan enthusiastically collected a pocketful with the intention of later creating jewelry.  Willie eagerly took the lead, towing Mark behind as we began the steeper more slippery section. 

P1180271 (800x534) (2)

The early part of the trail

After a few stops for drinks, admiring the view and chats we reached the point that Andrew and I stopped at last time, where he convinced me the next summit was only a goat track.  Julie confirmed that it was of course a hiking track and we decided to explore it.  The summit Punta Pulpito offers views over the towering rocky cliffs, crashing waves, pods of dolphins (if you’re lucky), and endless sea.

P1180313 (800x527)

Nope, not a goat track, looks like we are going up….

P1180293 (800x602)

Sally, Lucy, and Tristan in front of one of the cairns on Punta Pulpito

We retraced our steps and went to the adjoining bluff that we had visited last time, which overlooks the crescent-shaped bay with our anchored boats, and is backdropped by the tawny desert mountains.

P1180327 (800x451)

View overlooking the bay

We returned to the boats, hot and sweaty, and all eager for a swim to cool off, although Willie couldn’t wait and had a swim before getting back to the boat.

P1180340 (800x534)

Hot and sweaty on the hike back down.

Punta Pulpito is a great family hike for older kids and teens, as there are steep drop-offs and no barriers, I probably wouldn’t take younger kids on it.  The trail is marked below.

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