San Juanico ‘Oasis’ – June 2020

Having been in the San Juanico area isolated with our small bubble of boats (Love and Luck and Arena) for 2 months now we have explored the trails and dirt roads pretty extensively, but Julie and I were surprised when we wandered into a little oasis, quite by accident.  We followed a dirt path that was an offshoot from the road and found ourselves on a path that meanders beside a brackish stream, lined with green banks of desert plants and dotted with cacti.  The winding path eventually reaches a shell lined beach.  After months in this sundrenched area, it was such a pleasant surprise to see green in the desert.

I have walked the path surrounding this ‘oasis’ numerous times now and it is not easily seen from the water or the shoreline making it a bit of a secret garden.  The path continues the length of the stream which level falls and rises with the ebbing and flooding tides.  There is so much life along the banks with small creatures like dragonflies, butterflies, moths, bees, and crabs, as well as larger ones like flycatchers, pelicans, turkey vultures, and jackrabbit. 

This little guy, an Ash-throated flycatcher was very curious about what I was doing and twisted his head from side to side to watch me.  There are dragonflies galore along the stream.

I discovered a pair of turkey vultures feasting on fishy remains on the beach and they decided to follow me on my walk, not sure if I was to be their next victim?

P1180933 (586x800)

I think its a northern cardinal, very pretty

We have seen the horses (3 horses, a mule, and a donkey) that freely roam at the beach in the evenings, and on our hikes, I suspect this is also one of their retreats given the number of hoof prints and manure.

On one of our hikes we got up close with one of the horses, a mule, and a donkey, Stephanie petted one of them.

There are other sections of greenery from when it has rained in the arroyos, although they are quickly turning brown.  Below is another sea fed tributary. 

P1180558 (800x520)

Another little green oasis closer to the south anchorage within walking distance of Santa Ana Ranch

If you find yourself in San Juanico, take your time and explore the hidden gems in the area.  The hiking trail is shown in blue on the map.

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