Cruiser’s Shrine and Hike – July 2020

After being in San Juanico for 3 months we finally visited the cruiser’s shrine.  Ava collected shells and wrote our boat’s name and year with nail polish ready for our visit.  Max accompanied Ava and me on our visit to the tree, really it is spread over three bushes.   There is an eclectic assortment of memorabilia that has been left on the bushes over the years and it is truly astonishing that some boats have visited every year for over 16 years, I hope we will not be continuing this tradition.

_1190775 (640x427)

Some people have put a lot of thought and creativity into their boat’s signage and it is an easy way to spend some time perusing it.


Some of the interesting cruiser’s signage


There are all sorts of paraphernalia including a woman in a bikini?


Ava’s contribution to the cruiser’s shrine

Near the cruiser’s shrine is a pathway built into the hill, I’m guessing it was constructed by the man who owns the three large homes, ranches and land surrounding the bay.  The pathway leads to fantastic views over the bay as well as to a paved road that takes you past the homes ending at a well or to another beach.  Max and Ava joined me for the walk, which is not strenuous, but well worth the views.


The trail to the cruiser’s shrine and hike uphill is shown on the map below in pink.

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