San Nicholas Bay – July 2020

Finally, after months of basing ourselves in San Juanico, we have headed north stopping just past Punta Pulpito in the Bay of San Nicholas.  We enjoyed a couple of days exploring the beach, dunes, and dirt roads in the area.  The area is very isolated with one house a few miles from the beach, reachable by dirt road, so we did not encounter any people while we were there.

_1190855 (640x427)

Andrew and I went for a walk along a dirt road and decided to take a short cut back to the dinghy.  While the path started off straightforward it abruptly ended at a dry river bed, which we followed before scrambling through the brush to discover a large scattering of bleached cow bones.  We eventually ended up back at the beach with a few scratches and stones in our shoes. _1190834 (640x427)

The kids excitedly discovered a couple of mako shark heads (fairly recently deposited there) on the rocks at one end of the beach.  Tristan and Sally decided to become dentists while we were in the bay and went back to the shark heads a couple of days later.  Were they smelly you may ask?  Yes, they were stinky.  Sally extracted some of the teeth from one of the sharks for future jewelry projects and Tristan spent hours extracting the jaw and teeth of the other one.  So far he has removed the flesh, put it in muriatic acid and it is now sitting in bleach.  He may have left it in the acid a bit long as a couple of the teeth have gone soft, but I guess only time will tell as to how the project turns out.


Photos 1 and 2 of the two different mako heads, Photo 3: Tristan pushing the head down to the water to flush out all the bugs, Photos 4 and 5: Tristan extracting the jaw.

Julie, Stephanie, and I walked the dirt road one morning and ended near the gates to the lone house with its own small runway and possibly a helipad?

The Bay of San Nicholas has been a pleasant change from San Juanico, as it has no bees, and a cool breeze, although we did get 33-knot winds at about midnight for a couple of hours the first night and had to hastily retrieve clothes off the lifelines.  But a new place is definitely a break in the monotony this year.

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