Santo Domingo – July

Our first stop in the Bay of Concepcion is Santo Domingo.  Santo Domingo has a white sand beach, littered with shells, and a beautiful mountain backdrop.  We were very excited to discover warm water and eagerly enjoyed a long swim, unfortunately, our excitement over our new anchorage was overshadowed by the hundreds of bees that had come aboard during that time.

Tristan and I went to ashore at about 7.15 pm when it had cooled down slightly to explore, but very quickly split up, he went to explore the smaller creatures of the desert and I went looking for the bigger photo opportunities.  

_1190896 (640x339)

More desert scenery photos, I like the reddish tones found in this area.

Tristan and I eventually met up again each happy with our discoveries.  While I enjoyed the desert landscape, Tristan discovered the skeleton of a deer, minus its skull and a detached leg with flesh and fur still on it.

P7170018 (640x428)P7170017 (640x424)

Photos courtesy of Tristan Deeley

It was a hot night and the temperature hovered at 34 degrees celsius or 93 Fahrenheit at 11 pm.  We awoke to more bees, and I was stung for the second time in 24 hours,  So despite the beautiful anchorage and the fact that we have internet, I think we will be moving on pretty quickly.


After a very hot night, Stephanie picked Julie and me up at 7.30 for our morning walk.  I try to find something interesting on our walks and today Stephanie found it, quite literally.  We were walking around the rocks on the beach and next thing we know Steph is screaming. Julie thought it was a bird that flew at her, I thought she was slipping on the rocks but it turns out it was a bat.  It’s quite amazing how a nurse’s brain works because Stephanie’s first thought (in the 2 seconds) was rabies, Julie thought cool and went looking for more and I just thought gross.  We also found an intact skeleton of a turtle.

_1190958 (640x440)

The kids spent the afternoon swimming, playing on the beach, and using Sally’s shark teeth to create necklaces.


Today’s morning hike with Stephanie and Julie started along the beach, where there were tracks along the shore and not the normal hermit crab or seagull ones.  We think it may have been deer.  Our walk took us inland where we saw lots of different birds, jackrabbit, and……. a deer.  I didn’t get a photo as it disappeared too quickly, but it was the first one alive that we have seen on the Baja.  There was also a cool rock formation.

_1190967 (640x413)

Cool rock formation in the middle of nowhere and view of the boats in the anchorage.

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