Goodbye San Domingo Bay – 21/7/2020

Our morning walk took us inland at San Domingo Bay.  There were lots of jackrabbits, some sort of ground chipmunk and lots of birds.  But the coolest part of the walk for me was when we spotted a jackrabbit sitting under a tree, he bounded past us and dug a little hole and then laid his belly in it.  I had the camera snapping him and he tolerated me before growing bored and hopping to the nearest tree for some food.  I was amazed at how close we got.  I did discover that I have photographed a lot of vermin over the years it seems, we photographed lots of squirrels in the parks in London, chipmunks in the Grand Canyon and now jackrabbits in the Baja.


Upon returning from our hike, we were even more inundated with bees and so we decided it was time to find a new anchorage.  During our motor to Playa el Burro, we encountered dolphins, large dolphins.  In fact, I think these dolphins are the largest we have ever seen, they happily rode our bow waves turning their heads to watch us.  There were a couple of younger ones in their pod that stayed close to their mums’.  Some of the dolphins had scratches, all over them, Andrew theorized it was the males fighting.  They stayed with us for about 10 minutes before drifting off.

_1200008 (640x427)_1200024 (640x420)

After going into the El Burro anchorage Andrew decided he wasn’t so fond of it, so we went around the corner to Playa Coyote.  After 4 months of not seeing people, it was a bit of a shock to see tents on the beach, people kayaking, pangas taking people to the nearby islands and even a jet skit, clearly the lockdown elsewhere doesn’t apply to Concepcion Bay.  We had a nice afternoon swimming and snorkeling at one of the nearby islands.

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