Isla Requeson – 23rd and 24th July 2020

Julie and her girls organized an evening walk on Isla Requeson to find a geocache.  Isla Requeson is connected to the mainland via a sandspit during low tide, when we went ashore it was high tide and so it was cut off from the mainland.  Across the mainland were tents and 4wds setting up for the night.  It took a few minutes to get our group of 16 organized to go and a bit of time to catch up.

_1200111 (640x427)

Mark led the way and hit a snag when the mangrove path was ankle-deep in water, we all waited to see how Mark would fair before committing to going.  Eventually, Mark returned saying we were good to go but would have wet feet.  Steph and Jamie carried their youngest two through the water and Ava brought up the rear while endlessly chatting to the other girls, you would think she would have run out of things to talk about by now.

_1200113 (460x640)

It should be noted I did not make everyone line up they were all just on the path waiting to enter the mangrove.

Walking through the mangroves

After exiting the mangrove, Lucy led the way with her phone with a downloaded map in search of the geocache.  After a few false turns, they eventually found the dead cactus and spent 30 minutes turning over rocks to find the treasure, with no luck.  We all decided to head downhill for a look, and Mark immediately spots a bit of red, upturns the rock, and finds the prize.  Bronwyn was quite excited to have a look.

_1200133 (640x509)

View of the mainland from Isla Requeson  

The treasure hunt: Photo on left Steph and Lachlan and photo on the right the two amigos leading the way.

_1200136 (640x630)

Bronwyn and Sally with the loot.

Arena and Utopia decided to head back, and Andrew swam out to reach the dinghies so we could get back without going back through the mangrove.

_1200139 (452x640)


Tristan, Max and I headed back to the island to have a bit more of an explore, trudging through the vibrant green mangroves to reach the trail.  The green mangroves are certainly a bright spot amongst all the desert background.  Tristan and Max went looking for different insects surrounding the mangroves, while I went to see more of the island.  

The island has a path around and through it and the trail is relatively visible and marked with the occasional cairn.  Apart from a couple of birds, there wasn’t a lot of wildlife, but maybe it was just too hot still.  I did love the little cacti that are dotted between the rocks and shells throughout the island.

_1200135 (427x640)Doesn’t the size of the cairn seem a little excessive for the small trail?

Aren’t these cacti cute?

The island has a few small peninsulae, one of which had a rock with a hole carved out of it.  It was a relatively short walk as we had to get back for an early dinner and after dinner drinks and cake to celebrate Mark’s (Love and Luck) birthday. 

_1200165 (640x427)

Max and Tristan off exploring a trail on their own.

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