Playa Santa Barbara – 25th and 26th July 2020

We anchored in Playa Santa Barbara, and very quickly ended up in the water for a swim, unfortunately, with a water temperature of 33°C, (91°F) it was neither cool nor refreshing.  The Bay of Concepcion is hot even at 7 pm when the temperature hovered at 36.5°C (97.7°F) inside the boat, air-conditioning would be really nice.

Julie, Mark and I headed out for a hike at 6.30 pm, following the dirt road through mangroves and winding uphill to a point overlooking the bay.  There was one empty house on the point and a numbered lots, indicating potential future development.  The view over the point was very pretty and would most definitely be a better photo op in the early morning rather than the afternoon, but it still had a nice outlook over the bay.

_1200173 (640x427)

View over the bay where Arena and Utopia were anchored

_1200176 (640x421)

Tecomate Island and the bay in the background

The morning began with an early morning walk with Andrew to the other point facing both the mangroves and the bay.  We encountered lots of mosquitoes.

_1200189 (640x427)

View of the north end of the anchorage and the mangroves

After Andrew and Tristan returned from an afternoon of spearfishing, Andrew took Ava and me for a snorkel over the remains of the sailboat wreck.  The water wasn’t particularly clear, but at least it was shallow enough that you could get down to have a closer look, it wasn’t particularly interesting.

We went over to Tecomate Island at the entrance to the bay and snorkeled around the island.  The highlight was definitely the reef rays that Ava spotted, we dove down and watched the pair of them chase each other, flap sand over themselves and swim around.

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