Isla San Marcos – August

We spent most of August anchored at either Sweet Pea Cove or at Caleta de los Arcos.  Although we did make three trips to Santa Rosalia to reprovision, which was our first time inside a supermarket since the beginning of April.  While there looked to be a few hikes on the island, we spent most of our time here trying to do 6 weeks of school in 3 weeks, so that we could head north and not need internet, needless to say, Max and Ava were extremely busy.

One of the many sea caves on the left on the right is the beach entrance for the hike up to the cross on the hill on the left-hand side.

On our first snorkelling trip we found a sea cave with its own skylight, resident stingray and beach complete with a chair.  We later saw local pangas (boats) using the cave for a bonfire.

The largest cave in the area complete with its own beach and skylight.

We did spend a second day snorkelling to explore other caves.  One of the caves had a current running through it which would take you from the entrance through the cave to the exit.  Some caves were large enough that you could dinghy or kayak through.  There was one small cave which had an abundance of bait fish and with the light shining through them it looked magical.

The area surrounding the caves is home to many stingrays, starfish and stonefish. 

You really don’t want to step on any of these guys!

Andrew and Tristan amused themselves with spearfishing.  One day Andrew tried to befriend a pelican sitting on our dinghy and even named him Mr Percival. (if your Australian you may remember the book ‘Storm Boy’ who had a Pelican called Mr Percival)

While most of our time was spent on school, we did celebrate a few birthdays, the kids put on a play on Love and Luck one evening and marshmallows were toasted onshore on another.  We were all sad to say goodbye to Arena, who are off to San Carlos for a month or so to do some boat repairs.

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