Pandemic Pandemonium

written by Ava Deeley

I need to start by saying a big thank you to Heidi Vannini for letting us use her fantastic photos.

Staying on the boat for months on end during COVID-19 can range from endlessly tiring to completely and utterly boring and sometimes so upsetting you can break down crying for an hour or two. Luckily, with the help from our good friends on Love and Luck and Arena, they’ve managed to make this year pretty awesome.

We often got bored with the same day-to-day activities; school, swimming, playing board games, so we decided to create some pretty cool ideas.

Months ago, Tristan and I had a wonderful idea to coordinate themed days of the week, for example Fancy Friday, where we put our British on and dress formally. Though we only did two days of the week, we managed to get everyone (minus Max) to participate on Wednesday. We called it Wacky Wednesday, or Weird Wednesday, whichever you preferred.

Everyone dressed up in the craziest combination of clothes, did their hair in the weirdest style and slipped their funny earrings on.

Honestly, I felt underdressed.

In Refugio, at one of the beaches, Love and Luck had the idea of going camping. So we did. I have to admit I was nervous, what with snakes and scorpions.

We had two tents, one for the four of us girls and one for the boys. We brought some brownies, and they brought cookies, and we snacked, laughed and sang around the campfire. Eventually it came to the time when we had to put the fire out and Heidi, Sally and Tristan went looking for a water source to drown the fire.

After about ten minutes and one snake they eventually came back, and we washed our dirty feet (really, they were disgusting) and climbed in the biggest tent where the six of us then played games for the next hour or two.

The boys retreated to their tent and the rest of us quickly ran out with a few torches to go to the bathroom. It was slightly unnerving to pee in the bushes when you’re worried a snake’s going to jump out at you, but I was alright because my sisters were there, singing loudly in the dark of night.

We stayed up late whispering and giggling to each other, tucked under blankets. I’m positive we woke the boys up multiple times because we were laughing so much.

In the morning Heidi started to make a fire with the help of Sally, and we crowded around it making small talk as we began to slowly wake up from our drowsiness. It was an awesome night with my awesome fam.

Since arriving in La Gringa, Love and Luck and us have had Friday night dinner parties. We dress up to a particular theme and eat dinner together, play games based on the theme and role-play as the characters we’ve chosen.

The first dinner was based on a movie trilogy called Descendants, by Disney. I was Audrey (the daughter of Aurora), Max was Gil (the son of Gaston), Tristan was Harry (the son of Hook), Heidi was Jane (the daughter of Cinderella’s fairy godmother), Sally was Mal (the daughter of Maleficent) and Lucy was Dizzy (the daughter of Drizella). 

The second dinner party was my favourite, a celebrity dinner party. Heidi was Taylor Swift, Tristan was HRVY, Max was Harry Styles, I was Avril Lavigne, Lucy was Katy Perry and Sally was Ariana Grande. A lot of makeup was involved.

Dinner parties haven’t been the only thing that’s new. We’ve been creating music videos, dances, plays, participated in beach clean-ups, and taken underwater pictures while snorkelling!

These friends have made this pandemic more bearable and I’m so lucky to have them all in my life; I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

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