Catcophony of Noise

written by max deeley

A big thanks to Heidi for allowing us to use her photos again. After our Celebrity dinner party with Love and Luck, we began planning our next party. By the end, we had decided on dressing up as cats, a fact that excited the cat lovers in our group. Throughout the week we were planning the party; Tristan, Ava and I sewed our cat tails and our cat ears. Ava had decided she would go as a panther, Tristan was an orange alley cat, and I was a white Siberian cat.

The night of the dinner party came, and we dressed on Love and Luck with nail polish for claws and sharpies for whiskers and noses. Sally was the first to be dressed as a cheetah, followed by Lucy as a black cat and Heidi as the Pink Panther.

When everyone had been properly prepared, we took pictures, posing in many, lithe catlike poses. After we completed the picture taking; everyone was satisfied with the amount of pictures of themselves that were taken, we moved onto dinner, and then a movie.

As the movie ended, the last thing we talked about was who had the best costumes for each of the three dinner parties so far, and we had reached a decision with; Tristan winning the Descendants party as Harry Hook, Sally and Ava tying for the win in the celebrities party as Ariana Grande and Avril Lavigne respectively and finally with me and Lucy tying for the win of the cat party.

4 thoughts on “Catcophony of Noise

  1. Thanks for sharing! Always love seeing “my girls” on Love/ Luck having fun with their friends. STAY SAFE and continue to have loads of FUN!!


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