October Teen’s Blog Spot

High Tea

Written by Max Deeley

One day during our long line of parties with Love and Luck, I decided to host a formal ‘High Tea‘ upon the advice of my Grandmother. She gave me a recipe for her Lemonade Scones and advised me on other things to make for the high tea. Heidi, Lucy, and Sally came to our boat (an unusual occurrence for our parties as they are usually held on their boat) at two o’clock to the smell of freshly baked scones and the sound of Mozart and Beethoven to complete the feel of a posh high tea. We had dressed in our fanciest clothes and gave each other old-fashioned and fancy names, I acted as a waiter with a tea towel draped over my arm, presenting the specialty teas, coffees, and hot chocolates that we could make.

The high tea commenced with us making our best attempts to act high maintenance and well versed in the politics of the upperclassmen. In the end, there were many failed attempts at drinking tea with our pinkies raised and many unbridled chortles. We had given up being fancy and polite, and returned to our normal demeanours and resumed munching loudly. I believe that we all had a wonderful time enjoying our fake British accents (because that is what we thought of when we thought posh) and drinking our teas without pinkies raised.

Camping, Camping and more Camping

Written by Tristan Deeley

On the tenth of October, we decided to go camping with the girls from Love and Luck at a flat(tish) beach in Alcatraz. We were a little hesitant to camp on the mainland, especially as Willie had run down from the beach that day with half a coyote skull clenched in his jaws. Heidi, our camp coordinator, did an excellent job of preparing the tents with Sally, while Lucy started the fire up with my wood-collecting expertise (in my mind, that’s how it went down). Max and Ava were also pitching the tents, and we had a fairly early dinner of turkey franks roasted over the fire, in hot dog buns, along with outrageous toppings like potato chips and select parts of the trail mix. Once it got dark everyone gathered to play card games in the larger of the two tents before Max and I headed to the 3-man tent to lay down for the night. In the morning, after a whole night of wind and sand, we awoke to find coyotes and jackrabbit prints everywhere, including what looked like a small hole dug around the fire by one of the coyotes, maybe trying to get access to some burnt morsel from the night before. After a quick game or two, everyone retreated to L&L for some wake-up pancakes.

Campsite on the beach at Alcatraz

Once we got to Ensenada el Pescador, it was decided that another camping trip would take place on the 30th, this time with Utopia, Love and Luck, and Arena. Max decided not to come, but all the others did, and we set up for a big night with a fire built using the principles Lucy and Heidi had picked up from their recent Leave No Trace course. I had originally planned to be sharing the tent with my good bud Lachlan, though he changed his mind after our turkey frank dinner and headed back to sleep on Arena, so I ended up having the whole tent to myself. The most exciting part of the first night (for me; everyone disagrees) was finding a big spider behind Lucy’s chair, though I’m sure the girls, who all stayed up until the late hours talking, would argue they had far more fun inside the tents.

We camped out the next night, as well, Halloween, though we did a quick run back to Bay of LA first to call Josh before he left for England. After the Halloween celebration, all dosed up on candy, everyone gathered in the big tent for candy trades and talking games. The next morning, everyone was a little grumpy, very tired, and had extreme sugar hangovers.


Written by Ava Deeley

Halloween this year was vastly different from 2019. First off, there were ten of us. Second off, there was a lot more make-up involved.

Everyone had basically paired off with their costumes. Lucy and Max were Anna and Elsa (respectively) from Frozen. Tristan was an angel; Heidi was a devil – she pulled it off though! Sally and Riley went as vampires, Bronwyn went as a fire goddess (I’m pretty sure) and Lachlan went as Spider-Man. Ada and I had decided to go as a naiad (a water elf) and a dryad (an earth embodiment of sorts), respectively.

Anna and Elsa and the Vampiresses

The Devil and the Angel

Fire goddess, naiad and dryad

Dryad, Ana and the Devil

Mum and I made cookies in the morning, after we got home from camping, in the shape of the sugar skulls of Day of the Dead.

That afternoon we rushed back from finding the internet (as we were talking to my grandmother and brother) to get ready to dress up. I went over to Arena while the boys were over at Love and Luck. Stephanie did a wonderful job of curling Ada’s hair and straightening mine, and after we dabbed on some make-up, we looked completely different! We used band-aid tape to make our ears pointed.

All of us met up on the beach and took photos before beginning to eat the dinner we’d organized. I admit I went back for seconds, though there was only one corn fritter left…

We all sat around the campfire for a while talking and telling ghost stories.

Once our bellies had digested some food, we learned the adults had stashed some bags of candy in the vicinity and set out to find it, there had to have been three or four bags that we split between the ten of us.

That night, in the tent the six of us girls were sharing, we demolished at least a third of our candy stock. The night only got progressively more hyper and entertaining. It’s funny to see how sugar affects people in different ways.

4 thoughts on “October Teen’s Blog Spot

  1. The Deeley family are amazing. I love to see what you are all up to. Can’t believe Josh is now in the U.K. When Covid is over, it means you’ll come and visit.
    Lots of love to all especially Karen

    Sent from Annette


  2. For your next formal tea party get prepared by watching ‘The Crown’ or ‘The Simpsons’ or ‘Downton Abbey’ on netflix!! Sounds like you are all having too much fun. Good on ya…


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