Prom 28/2/2021

How did the Prom idea come about? Well living on a boat and being home-schooled, especially during Covid-19 means that you miss out on special events like Prom and it was something Heidi was a little disappointed about. So the kids came up with the idea of having their own prom. I will admit I was somewhat reluctant with the idea because it seemed like a lot of work and money to create prom dresses, fortunately, the material is pretty cheap in Mexico and we had plenty of time to create dresses. What we didn’t have or what we couldn’t find was patterns to create the dresses. Believe it or not, all four dresses came from the same pattern cut from one of Heidi’s dresses. The girls did find photos of prom dresses and Julie and I adapted the pattern we had to make them work. I was somewhat lucky as I have only one girl, so I had only one dress that had to be created, Julie had a far greater challenge in creating three unique dresses. I’m very proud of all the kids for their creativity and persistence to create their dresses, ties, and corsages. We have had quite a few fun afternoons filled with laughter while working on their dresses.


By around 5:30 pm, we all met up on Love and Luck. We brought over sausage rolls and cucumber sandwiches, both of which, Willie, Love and Luck’s dog tasted, when no one was looking. Within 10 minutes of the boys arriving, we were posing for professional-looking pictures. We posed for pictures on the bow of Love and Luck and when the sun had descended slightly and the tourist boats had departed the island, we snuck onto the dock for a few more photos.

When the photos were finally completed, we returned to Love and Luck and enjoyed a wonderful pasta dish for dinner. After dinner, we went to the bow of Love and Luck, where Julie had set up some coloured lights and blasted music loudly (or as loud as the little speaker would go) out playing a motor boat that had similar music. We danced, played games and posed for silly pictures throughout the night, leaving at near to midnight. Thus ended the wonderful prom night.

The always talented, smart, and kind girls off Love and Luck; Heid, Lucy, and Sally who looked stunning in their creations.


We had planned to do a prom maybe two-ish months ago and bought the material from a fabric store in La Paz after the girls and I discussed the style and colour dresses we wanted. Throughout the next two months, mum and I worked on my dress and we would go over to Love and Luck occasionally to see how the girls were doing.

We were all so excited for prom. We’d planned out our make-up, our nails, our hair. And when I went over to get ready there was a bit of a rush, but it was a lot of fun. I’ll admit we all panicked a bit when the time came for us to all take photos.

Thankfully mum was there to be our personal photographer to take our awesome, pretty, and silly pictures. I had such a lovely evening with all my prom dates (Lucy, Sally, and Max), what with all the dancing and singing and squealing. There’s no one I would have rather stayed up till nearly midnight tripping, spilling food, waltzing, and doing karaoke with.

This fun loving group of girls looked beautiful!

Some family photos. Ava was very pleased with her dress.

We have been so fortunate to have travelled with this amazing family for the past two years.


I’d been instructed by the girls to wear a skinny tie, so that was the first step for prom, for me. That, combined with a new, respectable haircut courtesy of Lucy, a sunflower boutonniere from Heidi, some tie-tying lessons from Dad, a button-down shirt, and my Vans, I was feeling pretty spiffy. Everyone looked so amazing and had worked very hard on their dresses and ties. After several poses on the bow of Love and Luck, I drove all of the kids (including Mum) to shore to take photos on the jetty. With corona still rampant in Mexico, we had to wait until everybody had left the beach for the day before we could get some mask-less pictures, in the soft light thanks to Mum’s keen eye.

Tristan and Heidi. The necklace that Heidi wore is actually Julie’s and she wore it to her prom with Mark, how cool is that.

We returned to the boat and had a little trouble when Lucy took an accidental swim climbing back into the boat, though she handled it like a trooper. Dinner was followed by dancing on the deck under colourful lights to BTS, Shawn Mendes, and Black Pink. I spent most of the time slow-dancing with my girlfriend and good bud Heidi, and everybody there had lots of fun dancing, singing loudly, and chatting away. It wasn’t until half-past eleven that Mum and Dad finally dragged us away.

Most teens faced with falling in the water in their prom dress that they spent weeks making would be devastated and their night ruined. Not Lucy, she continued smiling, no tears, and went and changed into another dress and enjoyed the rest of her evening.

I thought I would end the post on a funny note, they say you should never work with kids or animals, in this case, the kids (teens) were great, it was poor Willie who was another matter. When people left the room or fell in the water, Willie used the distraction to steal the finger food, not only that but he also decided to pee whilst we were in the middle of taking the photos, he did look suitably embarrassed when everyone burst out laughing. It was a little hard to find privacy with 10 people everywhere, wasn’t it Willie.

4 thoughts on “Prom 28/2/2021

  1. Thanks so much for sharing. What amazing memories they all will have of a special night.


  2. You all are amazing – what wonderful photos and looks like so much fun! Glad the teens got to do prom. Lorrie


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