Anaho Bay – 23 – 25/5/2021

We spent three days in the beautiful Anaho Bay, surrounded by a steep mountain, and rocky spires shaped similar to the buttresses in a cathedral. 

We snorkeled in several spots in the bay and there is one spot marked with a buoy in front of where most of the boats anchor which seems to be the spot that the manta rays are attracted too.  We (except Max) snorkeled with the manta rays, one was curious about Ava and I and swam around us a few times, one time it turned 90 degrees and swam sideways to us showing us its white belly.  The water is not the clearest, but better than Taiohea.  Tristan spent hours and hours snorkeling and found lots of nudibranchs, flatworms, eels, sharks, and octopus to hold his interest.

Charisma went ashore on the first afternoon in the bay and met the family who run the pension/restaurant and booked for dinner.  They invited Distance Star and us along.  The family run restaurant has the grandmother (who looks maybe 50) as the chef and her daughter serves, and her granddaughter helped to clear the tables.  We had a delicious dinner of goat curry with rice and breadfruit fries, while Charisma had tuna instead of the curry.  During dinner two local men sat nearby and serenaded us with their instruments and singing.  The tables are set up on the beach which gave the little ones a chance to run around and play.

Day 2 in the bay involved more snorkeling.  The Distant Star boys took their volleyball net ashore, and the teens played volleyball while we walked along the beach track and back.  By the time we had returned the owner of the restaurant had come down to where the kids were playing with her own volleyball net (bigger and stronger) and set it up.  She and her 14-year-old daughter and friend joined the teens for a volleyball game.  Eventually the adults joined in.  There was a lot of fun and laughter throughout the game.  The daughter and her friend asked me to take some photos of them playing volleyball which I gladly did and told them I would print them out and bring them to shore the following day.

And a few more volleyball photos.

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