Aquarium, Tahiti – 30/7/2021

The Aquarium is located not far from the airport in Tahiti and is a shallow novice dive or snorkel with a maximum depth of about 10 metres. The highlight of the dive is the Cessna 172. The plane sunk near the runway at the Tahiti Airport on the 16th of April in 1995 following an emergency landing. The plane is largely intact with just the tip missing from one wing and even the tyres remain. You can actually get inside the plane if you are diving, I’m not sure that you would have enough air free diving to do it. Andrew and Tristan just free dived down beside it.

Photos of the cessna, Andrew is clearly visible in one and if you look closely you may spot Tristan in one of the photos too.

Also at the dive site are hulls of two schooners.

One of the schooners, along with a couple of inquisitive fish who insisted on being included in the photo.

Andrew with schooner 2

There is a small amount of coral surrounding the site, but ultimately you are snorkelling or diving to see the wrecks. There is also a concrete table and chair at the site, I assume set up by a dive company and someone has placed rock or coral to form a heart shape.

Ultimately Tristan and I a chance to experiment with out new cameras, more photos to come in the future.

The dive site is located near the airport and there is an orange mooring buoy that you can tie up to if you wish to snorkel or dive the site. The GPS co-ordinates for the site are: 17°33.910’S, 149°37.644’W

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