Karen’s Birthday – 23/2/2019

“Dare to live the life you’ve always wanted.”

I had a lovely birthday first talking to Josh and Tristan back in Australia and then being spoilt by Max and Ava.  We had a very fattening cooked breakfast, followed by Ava making ham and salad wraps and then Max and Ava made paella for dinner.  To top it all off Max baked a delicious cheesecake.

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Max’s 15th Birthday

After being delayed several times and although eager to leave Panama, the kids have had a fabulous time at Vista Mar Marina playing with many kids from other boats.  I mentioned to Andrew that unfortunately Max’s birthday generally falls when we are either out to see or traveling on our own.  So Andrew organised to delay our departure another day and have Max’s birthday a few days early.

Max liked the idea and decided he wanted to have a DVD night. So it was organised the adults ended up on Rondo for dinner and the kids on Utopia for dinner and chocolate cake.  There was lots of laughter coming from Utopia so I think Max had a good time.

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We stopped in Costa Rica at an anchorage on Max’s actual birthday for the night and celebrated with dinner and a baked cheesecake.