Melaka – 1/12/2012

We left the boat and got a taxi. After that we went on a trishaw and rode to a big ship.  There was a museum on the big ship; there were fake vegetables and weapons.

After that we went to a church in there was a lot of stuff. We also saw a palace in there was copper, silk, spices, glass, plates and gold.

By Ava



Kuala Lumpur – 5/12/2012

On the fifth of December, 2012, we went to the Batu Cave at Kuala Lumpur. To get there we went on a long ride in a taxi. When we arrived we saw a gigantic statue of a golden Muruga, or lord Subramaniam, adorned with a spear or sceptre. The ground was covered in pigeons and monkeys. There was a stairway all the way up to the cave and a large archway with statues carved into it of Ganesh, a god, and statues of people. As we were climbing up the stairs, Ava got quite scared of the monkeys climbing up the railing. As we reached the cave we saw inside it were statues of gods and animals being sacrificed. There were lots of stalls selling souvenirs and monkeys were everywhere. It was interesting. The monkeys particularly enjoyed eating the flower necklaces which were left out for offerings. After wandering about for a bit we left to the next spot.

– Tristan