South Africa

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Andre Gide

Goodbye South Africa, Hello Namibia – 2/3/2017

After 14 months in Simon’s Town I felt sad to be leaving a place that feels so familiar its like home.  We all eagerly watched the seals playing on the surface of the water as we sailed out of the bay.  The weather was great and the water so calm a contrast to what we had when we arrived in Simon’s Town last year.  The notorious Cape of Good Hope, was very kind and it was almost like sailing on a lake.

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View looking back at Simon’s Town as we left

Ava on the bow as we left Simon’s Town.  Cape of Good Hope on a calm day

24 hours into our passage a few things started to break, after having sat at a marina for 12 months I guess it was to be expected, so we called in to Saldanha Bay for a few days to make repairs, before continuing our journey to Namibia. Interestingly while there we heard friends that we had left in Seychelles on the Radio.  Andrew contacted them and they were as surprised as we were to end up being in the same part of the world.

Last Supper in Simon’s Town – 1/3/2017

We went out for our last dinner in Simon’s Town, in one of our two favourite restaurants, Saveur’s (sorry Pescado’s) we have frequented here in the last 14 months.  Saveur does a variety of half price burgers on a Wednesday night and the kids love it, we do too because its a cheap night out.  Not only are the meals good but the view over the marina and harbor is beautiful too.

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Franschoek – My Birthday Weekend

We did a delayed birthday weekend for me as our baby sitter, Tristan was away in Tanzania so we waited for him to get back.  Franschoek would be one of our favourite places its beautiful with its old buildings, tourist shops and wineries.

We began our wine tasting at Leopard’s Leap, didn’t find one that we loved but had fun trying.  Andrew had pre-arranged picnic baskets at Mont Rochelle (owned by Richard Branson) which was our next stop, it was amazing with its cold cheeses and meats, pan fried prawns, smoked salmon, salads, fresh bread and brownies.  Stuffed!

Mont Rochelle

After breakfast on our second day, we went for a drive before stopping for a cheese platter lunch at La Bourgogne Farm. We did not taste any wine, but we did buy a bottle of unlabeled sparkling that came from a neighboring farm.  Our next stop was another winery which offers sparkling wine, Le Lude were we sipped wine in their tasting room before walking through their Rose Garden and enjoying the views.

Tasting Room and gardens in Le Lude

We ended our day at the Grand Provence Estate, we have been here a couple of times before and although I’m not a huge fan of their wine, the estate is beautiful.  We did our wine tasting out in the sculpture garden, the gardens are beautiful and sculpture are fantastic, Andrew did the wine tasting while I had a soft drink.  The buildings date back over 300 years, there is a small art gallery, restaurants and accommodation.

Before going out for our french meal we stopped in at Tuk Tuk Brewery and Andrew did their four beer tasting.  We came here last year with Josh for his 18th birthday but did the 8 beer tasting that night.

Our favourite sparkling wine is from a small, family run winery called, Colmant Winery and is run by a Belgium couple, Isabelle and Jean-Philippe Colmant.  They started the winery in 2002 when they moved from Belgium with their five children.  We did a wine tasting while there and then bought a bottle of Colmant Brut to open when we finish our Atlantic crossing.

On our drive back to Simon’s Town we stopped at Franchhoek Motor Museum, we had driven past it many times before and not being car enthusiasts had never stopped, so we did.  I will admit it was amazing the sheer number of cars, bikes and motor bikes housed in the two large purpose built rooms.  The vehicles representative of over 100 years of history.  The Franschhoek Motor Museum is owned by car collector and South African Johann Rupert a billion heir.

Kalk Bay – February 2017

We have spent the last couple of weeks provisioning and getting ready to leave South Africa, we decided to take a break and have a look for the first time at Kalk Bay.  Tristan was in Tanzania so it was just the four of us.  We enjoyed walking along the dock and seeing the sand sculptures before having fish and chips for lunch.

After lunch, we continued down the dock to where the fishing boats were and watched two different sea lions lumbering about on land and being fed fish by a local man.

We drove the Chapman’s Peak Rd from Kalk Bay back to Simon’s Town looking at the beautiful bays.  The Cape has been suffering drought for a few years and has suffered so many fires, this is so evident in the landscape.  At present there is less than 120 days of drinking water left, before people will have to  buy water.  Lets hope it rains soon.

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