Hi! I’m Tristan Deeley, I’m 16 years old, and I live on our boat. I have been travelling my whole life, and for the last 7 or 8 years, I’ve been living onboard Utopia.

I am first mate. That means I help with all the sails and watches, and whatever boat jobs that need doing; fixing the watermaker or engine, driving people to shore, et cetera. I am learning as many of these skills as I can, as all may come in handy one day, when I move away from home.

I tend to write or read a lot. I like to socialise with all the boat kids we meet, but those are mostly few and far between. I co-run a small online literary journal for children and young adults to submit music, writing and artwork to, called fingers comma toes (

I like travelling, a lot. I especially enjoyed the orangutans in Borneo, India, and Italy. I have learned/am learning several languages, including Spanish, French and Swedish. I am looking forward to our adventures next year and the year after, before I finish school and go to university; I especially hope I might be able to do some land travel across Europe once I am 18.

– Tristan